New and expecting mothers encounter changes to many aspects of life, from their body and hormones to lifestyle and emotional changes.

It’s important to remember that every woman is different and will face different changes and challenges. At Mainline Health, we know that maternal mental health is central to women’s health.

Our team at the Mainline Health Women’s Clinic recognizes that pregnancy and a new baby can bring with it a range of emotions. We’re dedicated to providing women in Southeast Arkansas with compassionate and comprehensive OB/GYN care, and mental health care is an important part of that care. If you feel overwhelmed, sad, or anxious during your pregnancy or after your baby is born, you’re not alone. Many women feel this way, and our team at Mainline Health is here to help you.

The National Maternal Mental Health Hotline provides 24/7, free, confidential support, resources, and referrals to any pregnant and postpartum mothers facing mental health challenges. If you or a loved one need help, call or text 1-833-9-HELP4MOMS (1-833-943-5746) to connect with counselors at the National Maternal Mental Health Hotline.

During pregnancy and the postpartum period, mothers may feel:

  • Overwhelmed
  • Sad
  • Worried
  • Exhausted
  • Concerned they aren’t good enough as a mom

For some, these feelings resolve on their own. But for some women, these emotions can persist and be more serious. If these feelings stay for more than two weeks, it’s time to reach out and find help. Signs of depression and anxiety look different for everyone and may include lack of interest in things you used to enjoy, feeling sad or hopeless most of the time, trouble concentrating, sleeping too much or too little, and more. Learn more about different signs of depression and anxiety during and after pregnancy here.

Whether you’re a new mom or expecting, don’t hesistate to reach out to the National Maternal Mental Health Hotline for support during this time. You can receive support via phone and text in English and Spanish. Call or text 1-833-9-HELP4MOMS (1-833-943-5746) to connect.

If you’re looking for OB/GYN care in or near Monticello, Arkansas, come meet our Mainline Health Women's Clinic providers Constance Williams Chapman, MD, and Kelly Shrum, D.O. Call our Women's Clinic at 870-466-4204 to request an appointment today!

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