The mission of the behavioral health team at Mainline Health Systems is to best support your well being by understanding and treating the behavioral and mental conditions affecting your health.

We collaborate with the primary care team by treating patients for a range of issues ranging from traditional mental health (like depression, anxiety, and diagnostic clarification) to health psychology issues (like self-management of diabetes, terminal illness, obesity, chronic pain, healthy diet, smoking cessation).

We help our patients improve their quality of life by addressing mental and behavioral health issues that may be hindering their overall well being.


The psychological, behavioral, and cultural factors contributing to your physical health are our main concern. To help you understand how these factors affect your overall health, we conduct ADHD and psychological evaluations, behavioral observations, and other diagnostic assessments to help your doctor best meet your health needs.


We provide individual and family therapy to help you heal from past trauma and present blockers. Our team is highly trained in working through a range of behavioral, mental, and conflict-related issues. We provide a safe and compassionate environment to ensure you receive individualized care based on your needs.

Corporate ADDRESS

583 West Gaines

Monticello, AR 71655


Phone: (870) 538-5414

After Hours: (870) 538-3355