The State Health Alliance Records Exchange of Arkansas (SHARE) recently recognized MHSI for utilizing the Health Information Exchange (HIE) to improve quality and services within the organization. SHARE allows easy and convenient access to patient records for continuation of care.

MHSI approved providers and staff can easily access medical records, lab reports, surgical notes, medication lists, and more. Read the article for more information.

The SHARE HIE is a secure network, and acts as a health information highway that allows authorized providers to access and share pertinent patient health information in the blink of an eye. MHSI has taken full advantage of this easily accessible resource tool to improve care and track records between MHSI and other healthcare facilities. The Mainline Health Women's Clinic truly benefits from utilizing the SHARE HIE every day. MHSI can safely report to SHARE, pull hospital records, track admission and discharge summaries, access lab reports, imaging reports, and so much more. In the growing age of healthcare, MHSI is proud to offer the highest quality care with the assistance of technological advancements like the SHARE HIE. 

MHSI Women's Clinic offers care at five different locations within Southeast Arkansas, including two satellite clinics. The Women's Clinic is primarily located in Monticello, Arkansas. Dr. Kelly Shrum and Dr. Constance Williams Chapman are board certified OB/GYNs and offer compassionate, high quality care. MHSI also has two certified OB/GYN nurse practitioners, Leia O'Fallon, APRN and Amanda Lem, APRN. In addition to the Women's Clinic in Monticello, the nurse practitioners travel to the Warren Clinic and the Star City Clinic. They also travel to a satellite location in McGehee, located in the McGehee Hospital Specialty Clinic at 206 South First St. To learn more about Mainline Health Women's Clinic, check out the Women's Clinic page.

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