Entergy Awards Grant to Mainline Health Systems, Inc.

Entergy has awarded Mainline Health Systems Inc. (MHSI) with a grant totaling $922.27. These funds will help support our Diabetes Education Program, in hopes to improve health outcomes for patients with diabetes.

MHSI will establish a diabetes education program by enrolling 250 qualified patients into the program, purchasing educational supplies and demonstrating how to prepare healthy food options. By making this program available to the patients throughout Southeast Arkansas, MHSI will continue their fight in creating a healthier culture.

MHSI will use the Entergy grant funding to purchase food models to utilize during the program with the patients. These models will help educate the patients on what to eat and how much to eat in order to manage their diabetes. This program will provide the patients with the resources to make lifestyle changes and improve their overall quality of life.

The MHSI facilities are in the communities of Portland, Eudora, Wilmot, Monticello, Dermott, Star City, Rison, Sheridan, and Warren. All these communities are small, rural towns located in regions known as the Delta area and the Hill area. Both regions have a large population of patients diagnosed with diabetes. With the grant funds, we hope to inspire a healthy future for our patients in every community we serve. 

Did you know?

According to the National Diabetes Statistics Report, a little over 37 million people currently have diabetes in the U.S. (CDC, 2022). Diabetes can lead to a higher risk for heart disease, stroke, damage to the kidneys, blood vessels, and the heart. There are preventive measures you can take. Take control of your health, schedule a consult with your provider, and learn how to manage your diabetes. To learn more about our Diabetes Education Program, contact our office and lets talk about your health!

For more information about Diabetes statistics, visit www.cdc.gov/diabetes/data/statistics-report.

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