Oral Health & Dentistry

Taking care of your teeth and gums is an important part of your overall health. Good oral health, which includes regular professional dental check-ups and healthy habits at home, can help you achieve a radiant, healthy smile.

The highly-skilled dentists at Mainline Health Systems in Southwest Arkansas are committed to providing comprehensive dental care for adults and children at prices that will make you smile. We offer preventive, basic, and major oral health services for your whole family, whether you have insurance or you don’t. Patients who meet income eligibility guidelines may qualify for a discount on services.

Common services we provide include:

Our dentists and dental hygienists will also educate you about proper oral hygiene so you can develop an effective daily regimen for healthy teeth and gums.

Visit our dental patient education library to learn more about dental conditions and how our dentists can help you.

Mainline Health Systems offers affordable, quality dental care at our clinics in Dermott, Wilmot, and Star City, Arkansas. If you think you have a tooth or gum problem, or you need a routine check-up and cleaning, call us today for an appointment at (870) 538-9720 in Dermott, (870) 473-2311 in Wilmot, or (870) 628-5110 in Star City, or request an appointment online.