Mainline Health Systems

Recruitment Incentive Program

Interested in EASY MONEY?!?! 
Mainline has recently implemented a recruitment incentive program available to EVERYONE (Excluding Directors and Officers and their immediate family).  To participate follow the process below. YOU have the chance to earn up to $2,000.00 per referral!!!

Recruitment Referral Process

Purpose: To encourage the referral of prospects to be employed as providers at Mainline Health Systems.  This will allow anyone to receive an incentive to refer prospects to Mainline Health Systems for hire.

If someone refers someone for an open Staff Physician, Dentist, Nurse Practitioner, LCSW or Psychologist position they will receive an incentive payment if the prospect is hired and remains employed for 180 days. The referral payment scale is below:
Staff Physician-$2,000.00
Nurse Practitioner-$500.00


Everyone except Officers and Directors and their immediate family are eligible to refer candidates.

The hiring or contracting of a referred employee must occur within 180 days of the initial referral date.

To be eligible for an award, the referrals must FIRST be submitted to Human Resources and must include a Candidate Referral Form and a CV or employment application.

The first person to refer a candidate will be the only person eligible for payment.

 All candidates will be evaluated for employment consistent with Mainline Health System, Inc. policies and procedures.

The candidate’s information regarding the hiring decision will remain strictly confidential.

All referral incentives will be paid as follows; 100% once the referral has signed a contract and completed 180 days of work.